7 Stress busters you must know about!

It’s ok to take stress, as it is the most expressive emotion we have. Almost every human in our gen knows the story and can relate to its extent. It’s now a part of our normal life and we are making it even more chronic. Stress affects the core of our physical and mental stability resulting in:

• Increases heart rate
• Increases blood pressure
• Aching of muscles
• Digestion problems
• Weakens immune system
• Sleeping troubles
• Allergies and asthma

But there are several stress busters which can help when you are done with stress and worries.
1) Physical fitness
Any workout whether it may be sports, cycling, and running really helps. It won’t make your stress disappear but will help in managing the mood, clearing of thoughts and will help you deal with your problems more calmly.

2) Change yourself
Several times we are accustomed to our routine and habits that we forget to break that loop. Sometimes, change in our surrounding or in our habits really helps in handling stress as we focus our attention on new things in life.

3) Unhealthy habits
Don’t quit drinking or smoking as it is not a small task to end these habits but you can control these habits. Smoking and drinking are short terms relaxation method but they cause more stress for a longer time. So, allow yourself drinking and smoking once a week.

4) Me time
“Me” time means spending time alone with yourself. It can be anything like walking alone at night for several minutes, go to movies, write anything, go for a swim, takes a massage or spa, reading a book or anything. “Me” time really helps in managing stress as you become aware of your thoughts that are haunting you and will deal with that stress.

5) Accepting the things, you can’t change
Not sometimes but many times we are not comfortable with some situations in life which can be anything like, relationship, office work, unhealthy habits. We should accept the things that we cannot change because focusing on things we can’t change really doesn’t help and create more chaos in our minds.

6) Connect with people
Most of the people around us don’t share their problems which harms the mind with respect to overthinking, anxiety, tension, and worries. It’s fine to discuss problems with someone you trust as taking things through with a friend will help you find solutions to your problems.

Stress affects everyone differently, but everyone is affected by it. The longer you wait, the more effect stress has on your body. Stress can be easy to overcome, or sometimes harder to tackle. So, with the knowledge of stress and stress busters, you can choose to remain stress or make stress out of your life. It’s your life and your call.

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