What is a healthy lifestyle?

When talking about living healthy and sound, the next thing pops in our mind post exercise and meditation is relaxation. Relaxing regularly is an art which is not known to everybody but you can master if you desire it badly. Learning “how to relax” can help restore body and mind to its natural state whenever you are not feeling well and can potentially help you remain more resilient to stress to you are wrapped with.

Here are 7 habits of healthy living that can make your mind, body, and soul in harmony and make you relax more often:
1) Fresh air
Your first commandment of the morning should be to walk in nature and get fresh air as getting some fresh air every morning is one of the easiest and most pleasant ways of improving your health both internally and externally. You will feel connected with nature and it will make you relax and calm in the morning.

2) Stretching your body
After a good sleep of 7 to 8 hours, our body is relaxed and needs some movement in our body. Stretching improves flexibility and increases joint & muscles flexibility. Moreover, you’ll get an instant boost of energy due to the influx of oxygenated blood sent to your muscles and brain.

3) Embrace strength training
Our metabolism depends upon our muscles and strength. The more muscles we have, the hotter is our metabolism. Strength training boosts our metabolism by 15-20 percent making our body fit and lean and tone faster. At the end of the morning, we need a good supply of oxygen in our brain making us active, healthy and energetic.

4) Salt Bath
Hot salt bath for 10 to 15 minutes helps to rejuvenate and refreshes our body. Magnesium sulfate, its scientific name, has been shown to enhance muscles relax and reduce inflammation. Salts are a strong vasodilator, which means they will increase blood flow to the muscles as well as the surface of the skin. Plus, the magnesium absorbed through your skin helps build strong bones, manufactures proteins, and releases energy from muscles. Try it for 1 week and you’ll notice a new feeling in yourself.

5) Drink Water
Drink an enormous amount of water throughout the day on a daily basis. Make a habit of drinking at least 3 litres per day. Water is essential for staying hydrated and avoiding headaches, fatigue, and problems focusing. Green tea, herbal tea, and unsweetened coffee are also good options.

6) Disconnect
Now most of our office work is done on mobile phones. Staying disconnected for small time is a big task nowadays but being connected 24 hours can have a negative effect on your memory, creativity, and productivity. Disconnect for at least for 1 hour daily because your mind may need a break too.

7) Smile
It’s hard to smile for a long time in the office or at home but smiling creates a joyful environment for you and the people around you. But this is a slightly difficult habit to adopt and will greatly impact your mood. Simply raising the corners of your mouth produces endorphins, providing instant happiness!

These above mentions are some part of a healthy lifestyle. Grab them, endorse them and adapt them and make your life a great one and, a happy one.

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